Gel Nails With Manicure

Everyone knows the importance of looking their best. When you take care of your appearance, not only do you look good, but you feel good too. Clothes, hair and makeup are usually what people focus on when trying to perfect their appearance. These are all essential, but there is one aspect that is often overlooked and its usually your nails. Some people can’t get their nails to grow, some have a nail biting habit, and some try but no matter what they do, they just can’t get that professional look. Artificial nails have quickly become the future of the nail industry for these and many other reasons. One of the newest trends in artificial nails right now, and with good cause, is gel nails.

gel nails manicures

The application process for gel nails is fairly simple and nothing to be worried about. When you first arrive, your manicurist will buff away any natural shine that is on your nails. A coat of primer will then be applied and allowed to dry. After this, a thin layer of nail gel will be brushed on, going from your cuticle to your nail tip. This gel is then hardened by placing it under a special UV light to dry for one to three minutes. Most of the time it will take three thin coats to get the job done, and then you can get your new gel nails filed and shaped as you desire. There are also gel nail kits that you can purchase for at home use. Some of these require the UV light, which may be hard to come by, but others can be hardened by applying a special gel activator or by dipping your nails in cold water. It is recommended that you go to a professional to get gel nails applied, but after having it done several times, you may feel confident enough to try the process at home on your own.

The False Nails Advantage.

One of the best reasons for choosing gel nails is that they don’t do any damage to your natural nails. The hard layer of gel protects your own nails from the effects of scratches, humidity and other threats. While wearing gel nails, your natural nail is still able to grow. With protection on them, they are able to become stronger and more beautiful, lasting longer than they probably would have on their own. When you are finally ready to have your gel nails removed, you will be delighted to see your natural nails once again looking healthier and longer than they were when you first had them covered up.

Gel nails are also known to be the most natural looking artificial nails available on the market today. A gel nail is thin and flexible, just like your own. They’re also more glossy. Gel nails don’t yellow like some other nails do, keeping them crystal clear. Besides looking natural, they feel natural as well. All of these factors contribute to making them better than any other type of cosmetic nails.

Looking Good With Gel Nails.

If you are looking to enhance your nail beauty through gel nails, the design possibilities are endless. Nail art is one of the easiest ways to add to your appearance. Nail art and colors can even be changed everyday to match your outfit or your mood. Gel nails can be painted or airbrushed just like any other nail out there, giving you a plethora of options on how to make them “just right” for you. Whether you prefer the timeless elegance of a French manicure, a perfectly painted coat of red polish, or some dazzling design, your new nails will certainly make you look amazing and help add to your overall fashion.

Besides looking good, and looking and feeling natural, there are many other benefits to getting gel nails as well. The mixture used for making the resin for gel nails is completely odorless, which makes it safe for pregnant women to get artificial nails. Because the application process is fume free, gel nails are considered to be a safer and a more friendly option for everyone. The curing time is also much shorter than it is for artificial nails. This fact alone can make gel nails a much better choice for you if you’re already busy and time is a precious commodity. Although the gel is very thin and flexible, it is also very durable. Gel nails usually don’t chip, break or crack. This helps them to last quite a bit longer than other artificial nails. All of these benefits make them an outstanding choice.

Are Gel Nails Expensive?

Despite the many advantages to gel nails, there are a few disadvantages as well. Gel nails are generally more expensive than other types of artificial nails. Most people, however, consider them worth the investment. The majority of the time gel nails usually don’t break, but when they do it results in a shatter effect instead of a clean break. This means that you probably won’t be able to fix it on your own and you will need to make an appointment with your manicurist immediately. Unless using a gel polish on your nails, which can be very long lasting, gel nails don’t hold polish as long as other nails either. This means that you will have to polish a bit more frequently. Although there are a few negatives, as you can probably see, the pros for gel nails greatly outweigh the cons.



In today’s world, there are so many variables to consider when choosing an artificial nail option that is right for you. Your best choice is to consult with a nail technician who can help you in deciding what would be best for your budget and your lifestyle. You will also want to consider the time and maintenance involved in keeping your new nails looking good. Whatever you do, don’t forget about the option of choosing gel nails. They look natural, feel natural, last longer, are safer and protect your natural nails; not to mention the fact that they can be customized for your latest fashion statement! What could be better than that? So, what are you waiting for? Go out there and get your nails done today!

Gel Nails offer a superior level of protection.

Attractive fingernails may not seem that important to some, but they’ve been a benchmark for beautiful and powerful women throughout history, Cleopatra among them. Ragged and unkempt nails speak volumes to new acquaintances and potential employers. While Cleopatra didn’t have access to modern technology, for nail biters and those who have brittle nails that break easily, the solution is simple – gel nails.

Unlike outmoded means of attaining beautiful hands that often damaged delicate fingernails, gel nails are quickly becoming an industry standard. They offer a superior level of protection for natural nails, are easy to remove, and allows nails to continue their growth cycle uninhibited. Gels have the added advantage of being the most natural looking nails available, with the look and feel of the wearer’s own fingernails.

The application procedure begins with a quick buff to remove natural shine, followed by a coat of primer to ready the nail for the layer of gel. Depending on the salon and the exact solution used, ultra violet light, a gel activator or a cold-water dip is used to dry and harden the gel before beginning the personalization process. A wealth of customization options is available and styles can be changed as often as desired.

Gel nail applications can last three weeks.

The resins utilized in gel nail solutions are odorless, safe for pregnant women, and considered by many to be a more environmentally friendly alternative to other methods of attaining chic looking nails. Gel nails are typically more expensive than other forms of artificial nails, but users say they’re well worth the expense. They resist cracking and chipping better, and retain their look longer.

Nail art continues to be a highly desirable means of self-expression and gel nails offer a blank canvas for creativity. They can be customized in a myriad of ways to display the wearer’s sense of fashion. Gels can be painted, airbrushed, and appliqued. They can be bedecked with jewels, precious metals and bead accents. They’re easy to decorate to accommodate a wide range of desires ranging from sophisticated to whimsical. It’s one of the easiest ways to dress up the hands, no matter what manicure style is preferred.

Today’s woman is busy and on the go. Time is a precious commodity and gel nails are easily applied, offering consumers a quick way to look their best with a minimum of downtime. The process may seem complicated, but a nail technician well versed in the craft can provide an exclusive designer look to rival the best celebrity manicurist in very little time. Those who like to polish at home should utilize a product specifically designed for use with gel nails. Regular polish doesn’t hold as long on gel solutions and require more frequent polish applications.

Gel nail applications can last as long as three weeks, but users should consult with their manicure professional to ascertain how long they should wait between applications. The length of the nails and the activities in which wearers are engaged will influence the frequency of visits and any touch ups that may be needed.

Beautiful nails provide women with confidence.

Well-groomed nails enhance the appearance of hands and add an air of gracefulness. Beautiful nails provide women with a sense of confidence. There’s no need for anyone to hide their broken, chewed and damaged nails in shame with the availability of gel technology. As the natural nail grows out, a small gap will appear between the gel nail and the cuticle that is easily filled to return nails to their pristine condition.

The pursuit of beautiful nails dates back to ancient China, where a mixture of egg whites, gelatin, beeswax, gum and vegetable dyes were utilized. It was a labor intensive endeavor that required hours to complete. Colored nails were a sign of wealth, rank and social status. Throughout history, women of power were known for their ideas, innovations and beauty regimens. Egypt’s Queen Cleopatra counted manicured nails of bright red among her many attributes.

Today’s woman doesn’t have to be a queen to feel like one with gel nails. The technique offers a quick and easy way to protect damaged and unsightly fingernails. They provide any woman with the means to enjoy handsome hands, and display her own unique sense of style and fashion. With the available options offered by gel nails, it makes sense to begin the journey toward beautiful and care free nails today.

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